2 thoughts on “Marion Brick”

  1. I worked at the Marion Brick plant in Morral, Ohio in the mid and late 1970s and am employed to this day at the old Marion Brick (now Glen-Gerry Brick) factory in Caledonia, Ohio.
    Now owned by an Australian company, Brick Works, we Still make the same, paper cut, brick products that have been made in Marion County since the “1950s”
    My brother in law, in Berrysville, Ohio, (a few miles south of Hillsboro, Ohio) found that his Carriage House, Cistern and Basement were laid up with Marion Brick from the Morral, Ohio plant when doing some renovations a few years ago.
    Hard, Hands on work make the Best Products.


    1. I have not posted it yet, but last year I received the “Marion Brick Caledonia Ohio” brick, completing my Marion Brick Company set. I visited the Glen Gery Plant at Iberia last summer, the last brick plant in Ohio making molded bricks after Richland Molded Brick in Mansfield closed its doors.


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