Homemade Bricks

Homemade Ohio BrickThese homemade bricks were created by stamping shale clay with a 3D printed reverse of the text. The text can stick in or out which created the opposite effect on the brick.Shale Clay3D Printed ohiobricks.com Brick Stamp

Molded bricks have also been created, using a 3D printed brick mold.Brick MoldUsing the sand molding technique, a piece of clay is coated in sand, which acts as the release agent. It is then pressed into the mold, shaping the clay, then immediately removed. The bricks are dried, then fired in a homemade kiln at 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.Bricks Firing In Kiln The kiln is made from insulating firebricks, and a 1200 watt heating element. These firebricks are very light and have lots of small bubbles which make dead air spaces that trap heat.Insulating FirebrickOnce, the kiln cools, The bricks can be removed.Bricks In Kiln OffThe sand molded bricks are 1/4 the size of regular bricks. The  mold, full size, would be 9 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2in.Homemade Sand Molded Brick 1Homemade Sand Molded Bricks 2

The marks can still be seen on the bottom of the bricks where the clay was cut in the mold by a wire.Homemade Sand Molded Bricks 3

The shale clay has a significant shrinkage factor. It is very noticeable when the bricks are compared to the mold they were created in.Sand Molded Brick In Mold

Full sized bricks will be made, when a larger kiln can be built, but currently 1/4 sized bricks are very good for testing and practicing.

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