4 thoughts on “Hallwood Block”

  1. I live in Zanesville, Ohio and I have just recently got into brick hunting. I have found at least 25 of just these Hallwood Pavers, 15+ A.P. Crown Bricks, 50+ Townsend Pavers, Many Neslsonville sidewalk 8 point star bricks, 20+ Jones Z. O. pavers, and a few unknown. Ex. “Electric Steel”, “Widemire”, “A.P. Green”, “Crown”.. All up for sell or trade as son as I finish research.


    1. A lot of those unknown ones sound like firebricks. The townsends and hallwoods are pavers. The AP crown are certainly firebricks. The 8 point star is probably what’s usually called the “flower paver” made in Nelsonville.


      1. If you’re looking to trade bricks, I’m always interested, I’m in pataskala OH. Also there is a swap on September 7th in middleport ohio, setup at 9 swap at 10, this would make a great first swap if you haven’t been to one. It’s all free, I’ll be there with many bricks.


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