Haydenville was founded in 1853 by Peter Hayden. He started Haydenville Mining & Manufacturing Company in 1883. Peter Hayden died in 1888, and in 1906, National Fireproofing Corporation bought Haydenville Mining & Manufacturing Company. National Fireproofing Corporation re-branded in 1933 to NATCO, and continued to manufacture the same products until 1958. The buildings were sold to their residents in 1965. The original company buildings and kilns were destroyed in the 1980’s. The pallet company is currently located where the kilns were.

Haydenville was located along the Hocking Canal, which was completed in 1838, and the Columbus and Hocking Valley Railroad, opened in 1869. All products from Haydenville Mining & Manufacturing and NATCO were transported on this railroad.

Haydenville Mining & Manufacturing produced building materials, and other fired clay items. The location, along the Hocking River, was important for the clay. The clay was moved from a valley, through a tunnel, on half sized mine cart railroad gauge.