NATCO Conduit Telephone Tile Salesman Sample 9 8-31-17
NATCO Conduit Telephone Tile Salesman Sample

National Fireproofing Corporation, also known as NATCO, was founded in 1889, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They re-branded from National fireproofing corporation, to NATCO in 1933. At their peak, they had 23 factories, including one in Haydenville, Ohio.

NATCO Brick 1 7-30-17

NATCO manufactured bricks, hollow tiles, and many other building materials.

NATCO Conduit Telephone Tile 4 8-3-17
NATCO Conduit Telephone Tile

They are also known for their NATCO conduits. These were telephone tiles, which held underground cables. NATCO conduits were also used as drainage tiles.

National Fireproofing Corporation Pipe 1 6-22-17
NATCO Conduit Drain Tile

In 1933, NATCO changed their official company name from The National Fireproofing Corporation to The NATCO Corporation. Although NATCO manufactured the same products as The National Fireproofing Corporation, there were subtle changes when the company made the transition. The conduits were always called NATCO Conduits, but before the change they said “Manufactured by The National Fireproofing Corporation” after the change it became “Manufactured by The NATCO Corporation”. Since this change occurred in 1933, this information can be used to roughly date NATCO’s products.

NATCO Conduit The National Fireproofing Corporation
Before 1933
NATCO Conduit The NATCO Corporation
1933 and after

18 thoughts on “NATCO”

    1. They were made by the NATCO corporation, they could have been made at several different plants, but that would depend on where you are located. What do the bricks look like?


  1. Not sure if anyone can help but we have a huge lot (about 2000) pieces of NATCO bricks. There are all kinds from the conduit to the structural most in very good condition in light blue, mint green and a small amount of a light beige. They have never been used. We found these on a lot we were contacted to clear out and would like learn more about them and possibly sell them. I can’t post a photo here but am happy to send photos to anyone


    1. Hi Rebecca,
      We’re looking for beige NATCO brick to repair the back of our home, approximately 200. Hoping your brick might be a match! We are in Pittsburgh, are you local?
      Thank You,


      1. Hi there. We’d be happy to send you a photo to see if the color is right. We are located in South Carolina so we’d have to figure out shipping.


      2. Hi Rebecca! I think we found a decent match in Pittsburgh that will work. Appreciate your time, thanks!


    2. Hi Rebecca, I’m repairing a green and black building clad in Natco and would be interested to see what you have, assuming you still have these Natco structural tiles? Thanks!


  2. We have an old milk house made out of NATCO bricks with white tile facing inside and out. The white tile has fallen off the face of bout 70 on the outside surface. Would like to replace if anyone has some


  3. I’m looking for 8×16 x 1.7/8 Natco glazed structural tiles in mottled green and mottled black/blue. It’s for repairs to 557 Crescent St, Grand Rapids Mi if you want to street view it. Also need a few other shapes for corners and sills. If anyone has any, let me know!


  4. We have 144-12×12 solid pavers and 11-12×4 stamped with the NATCO and Made In U.S.A. on them. My father-in-law was an architect and my mother-in-law was an interior decorator. They used these pavers in the backyard when they built our house back in 1952. These pavers are still going strong. My husband and I replaced these pavers with larger ones and we are looking to sell these. If you are interested send me an email at and I can send pics. The color looks like the ones made in Nelsonville, East Clayton.


  5. I need about 30 Natco XXX bricks. Their beige. I have a detached garage built with them, perfect condition. Someone hit and run the corner of the garage and I need to do a repair. . Thank you


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