NATCO Conduit Telephone Tile Salesman Sample 9 8-31-17
NATCO Conduit Telephone Tile Salesman Sample

National Fireproofing Corporation, also known as NATCO, was founded in 1889, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They re-branded from National fireproofing corporation, to NATCO in 1933. At their peak, they had 23 factories, including one in Haydenville, Ohio.

NATCO Brick 1 7-30-17

NATCO manufactured bricks, hollow tiles, and many other building materials.

NATCO Conduit Telephone Tile 4 8-3-17
NATCO Conduit Telephone Tile

They are also known for their NATCO conduits. These were telephone tiles, which held underground cables. NATCO conduits were also used as drainage tiles.

National Fireproofing Corporation Pipe 1 6-22-17
NATCO Conduit Drain Tile

In 1933, NATCO changed their official company name from The National Fireproofing Corporation to The NATCO Corporation. Although NATCO manufactured the same products as The National Fireproofing Corporation, there were subtle changes when the company made the transition. The conduits were always called NATCO Conduits, but before the change they said “Manufactured by The National Fireproofing Corporation” after the change it became “Manufactured by The NATCO Corporation”. Since this change occurred in 1933, this information can be used to roughly date NATCO’s products.

NATCO Conduit The National Fireproofing Corporation
Before 1933
NATCO Conduit The NATCO Corporation
1933 and after

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    1. They were made by the NATCO corporation, they could have been made at several different plants, but that would depend on where you are located. What do the bricks look like?


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