NATCO Conduit Drain Tile

National Fireproofing Corporation Pipe 2 6-22-17.jpgNational Fireproofing Corporation Pipe 3 6-22-17.jpgNational Fireproofing Corporation Pipe 4 6-22-17.jpg

Location found: Haydenville, Ohio, 6/22/17

Weight: 6lb 12.7oz


Length: 8in

Outside diameter: 5in

Inside diameter: 3 3/4in

Manufactured by National Fireproofing Corporation, also known as NATCO, in Haydenville between 1906 and 1958. NATCO existed in Haydenville Ohio from 1906, when they purchased Haydenville Mining & Manufacturing Company. They re-branded from National fireproofing corporation, to NATCO in the 1930’s. For more information on NATCO, see Haydenville Company History.

These Conduits were used for drainage and underground utilities. Many of these would be connected in a row, and wires would run through them, protecting them. They were also used for drainage of land.